Jun 29, 2020
agus_tidona (All reviews)
A pretty basic movie, that seems very good in the animations but with a basic and a bit toxic-romance story.

The main character, muge, has a big background of dissapeared mother but the movie skips all that and doesn't care too much bout that, instead of that we have an inexplicable cat-city in the sky that only cats can see and where they become ¿invisible? maybe, it's uncertain. Then we have a final fight and the characters are in love again. Like, koe no katachi, but bad.

Nothing too remarcable, it's too much for kids (but not like Tonari no Totoro, which has a plot for all ages BUT IT'S TOO MUCH BETTER)

The music is OK and the characters are too 2D and have nothing memorable. I wanted to give up in some parts but I watched it with my gf so was ok.

A Mediocre 5,5